Cottage rules

1- Smoking is not permitted in the cottage.

2- Pets are not allowed on the resort (trails, pool, lake, etc.). They are allowed in the chalet only.

3- The person making the reservation must be 25 years of age or older and must be present for the entire duration of the stay. This person is responsible for all other guests staying in the residence, for activities taking place in the residence and for the security deposit.

4- The Tenant must notify the Landlord of any breakage or damage caused during his/her stay.

5- The Tenant is responsible for any damage to property occurring in or on the rented property during the rental period, for any reason whatsoever, except damage resulting from construction defects, lack of maintenance, natural and technological disasters, and any damage normally covered by the Landlord's home insurance policy. The Tenant undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Landlord against any claim by any person whatsoever resulting from damage for which the Tenant is responsible.

6- The Tenant is liable for the actions of any other person on the rented premises.

7- The Tenant undertakes to respect the rented premises and to return them in the same condition as on arrival. Furniture and objects at the Tenant's disposal must be treated with care and used only for their intended purpose. Moving furniture and electronic equipment is strictly forbidden. Any damage to floors, walls or furnishings will be charged to the customer.

8- Housekeeping: The residence is equipped with towels, linens, and basic cleaning supplies. The kitchen is fully equipped, and its maintenance is the responsibility of the Tenant. Upon departure, the unit should be in a generally clean condition and trash should be placed in the designated outside trash receptacles. If the residence requires extraordinary cleaning, a fee of $50/hour plus taxes will be charged.

9- The Tenant is responsible for any damaged furniture or objects, and for any damage caused to the rented premises, including the grounds and outdoor equipment.

10- The Tenant agrees to observe reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb neighbors or residents of the area. The Tenant shall keep noise levels within reason, both inside and outside the unit.

11- No open-air fires or fireworks are permitted. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a $1,000 penalty. Outdoor fires must be made in the fireplace provided for this purpose, when there are no indications to the contrary issued by the competent authorities.

12- Spa cleaning: If you place a service call with the concierge during your stay for complete spa maintenance, you will be required to pay a $60 fee directly to the concierge. To avoid having to do a complete maintenance of the spa, you must respect the following instructions: take a shower before using the spa, do not consume beverages in the spa, avoid sun creams/parfum, etc. when using the spa.

13- Do not dispose of non-decomposable or slow-decomposing substances such as disposable diapers, tampons, condoms, paper towels, etc. in the toilet (septic tank).

14- Artesian well: Moderate use to avoid interruption of water service.

15- The number of persons authorized per accommodation unit may not be exceeded at any time. The maximum capacity of the chalet is 16 people.


1- The Tenant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the establishment at all times. This commitment also applies to persons accompanying the Tenant and his/her guests.

2- The facility can accommodate a maximum of sixteen (16) people.

3- The Tenant may not assign his or her rights under the rental agreement or sublet the building.

4- If the Tenant fails to vacate the premises at the agreed time on the day of departure, an additional charge of $500 may apply.